A Love For Scarves

Over thinking things…

Sailor Moon Redraw

I did another one of those Sailor Moon Screen Cap Redraws. Too bad we won’t be seeing Alan and Ann in Crystal.


A drawing of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.


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Sailor Moon Screencap Redraw

I finally got some spare time to do some fun art for myself and I decided to do one of those Sailor Moon Screencap Redraws that’s been going around. Also Sailor Moon Crystal is now playing! Long live Sailor Moon!


Sketched a centaur. Can’t even remember the last time I drew one.

If Only


This is a wallpaper I did for my webcomic, Thorns.

Download full size 1920x1080 wallpaper here: http://www.thornscomic.com/wallpaper/

Isabella’s life changes when she meets a centuries-old cursed vagabond prince from another world. Suddenly she is pulled into the curse and demons that control his life. Will she believe in the truth of fairy tales in time to help him?

Read the webcomic here: http://www.thornscomic.com

Disney’s Hercules

I did some fanart sketches while watching Disney’s Hercules.

Marching Gummi Bears

Listening to cartoon theme songs while I work on art tonight and singing along.

Princess Belle

This is a piece for a #DisneyLadiesCollab on twitter. I was lucky to get Belle.